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  • Catherine Hyde

    The Soft Descending Night

    Catherine Hyde trained in Fine Art Painting at Central School of Art in London in the early 80’s and has shown her work consistently and successfully in galleries for nearly 30 years. She is well known for her intellectual and symbolic paintings, charged with atmospheric and iconic images. Since moving to Cornwall ten years ago her work has become increasingly popular and is now collected world-wide.

    “I am constantly attempting to convey the landscape in a state of suspension in order to gain glimpses of its interconnectedness, its history and beauty. Within the images I use the archetypical hare, stag, owl and fish as emblems of wildness, fertility and permanence: their movements and journeys through the paintings act as vehicles that bind the elements and the seasons together.”

    In recent years Catherine’s work has reached a far wider audience following her interpretation of Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s original fairytale “The Princess’ Blankets, which was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award 2010 and won the English Association’s Best Illustrated Book for Key Stage 2 2009. She has also produced a series of a paintings for a retelling by Saviour Pirotta of the Firebird to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Stravinsky’s ballet. “Firebird” has been awarded an Aesop Accolade by the American Folklore Society and is due to be published again in paperback Summer 2012.

    The Silver Night

    The Falling Stars

    The Bitter Deep Flow of Water

    The Cranberry Snow

    The Moon Gazing Fox

    At the Edge of the Silver Sea

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