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Little Evie in the Wild Wood

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Written by Jackie Morris, and illustrated by Catherine Hyde—Two of our very favorite True North artists!

Published by Frances Lincoln
August 2013 | 40 Pages | 11" high by 9.5" wide
Age 4 and up

Little Evie ventures into the wild woods with her basket of jam tarts and walks further and further into the trees, far from home. In a deep dark cave she finds – a huge wolf.  The wolf comes closer and closer and then – Evie and the wolf share the tarts, sitting on the grass. Afterwards the wolf gives Evie a ride home on his back. This picture book is a powerful combination of menace and beauty, with the sensual surroundings of the woods and the wild creatures who live there. 

About the Author
Jackie Morris is an author, illustrator and artist. She lives and works in a small cottage by the sea in Wales, UK. She loves color, cats, birds and flight, walking, reading, magic and dragons, kites, dandelion clocks, dogs and horses ( especially the black and white heavy-footed kind with great liquid eyes), and many other things.

Above the house where she lives is a rare thing, a dark sky where stars are clear and visible, and every night she walks, watching the moon wax and wain and the stars turn across the ocean of air. If she could have one special thing it would be a time machine so that the days could be longer. 

About the Illustrator
Catherine Hyde trained in Fine Art Painting at Central School of Art in London in the early 80’s and has shown her work consistently and successfully in galleries for nearly 30 years. She is well known for her intellectual and symbolic paintings, charged with atmospheric and iconic images. Since moving to Cornwall ten years ago her work has become increasingly popular and is now collected world-wide. To learn more about this artist, click here to read "Under a Blanket of Stars," an interview with Catherine Hyde.

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