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Susan Zalkind

Susan Zalkind is a nationally recognized Alabaster artist. Known for hand gathering the rarest of colored and translucent Alabasters from the deserts of the American Southwest, Susan's sculpture honors the shape and beauty of each stone she carves.  With their smooth organic shapes and visually intriguing mineral veins, Susan's lanterns are gorgeous, both sculpturally and mineralogically. But they are truly breathtakingly beautiful when illuminated. They hold light like nothing we have even seen.  They have an ethereal glow that looks as if the light is emanating from the mineral itself. 

Gems and minerals have always inspired symbolic associations. Alabaster is a stone that has been used since ancient times, so it has a rich symbolic heritage. It is linked to the idea of attraction and is therefore considered a "drawing" stone, with the ability to draw events, outcomes, insights, and emotions to or away from a person or place. White alabaster, like many things that are white, is also associated with the spiritual and Spirit

We prefer to light Susan's amazing lanterns with beeswax tea lights, and include 2 beeswax tea lights with every lantern. Beeswax burns stronger and brighter than paraffin and produces bright light with the same light spectrum as the sun.