Art that Re-enchants the World
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As New Englanders, we live by the seasons. Spring brings reawakening and renewal. Summer forces us into the light, and connects us with the vitality of life. Autumn is all about transition. As the days get shorter and summer departs in a blaze of color, we engage in a flurry of activity: harvest celebrations and winter holiday preparations. Then, as the nights quickly lengthen and usher in our Winter Solstice traditions, we raise our glasses to yet another spin around the sun. Finally, we quiet down and settle into Winter. We hibernate, contemplate, and start to gestate new ideas in anticipation of the great wheel of time turning yet again.
We have put together collections inspired by each of the seasons, and one for Valentine's Day, too. Winter often feels very long in New England, and Valentine's Day—which falls just after the mid-point of winter—is a good time to take a little break and celebrate the heart.