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Wolf Serigraph - True North Gallery

David Boxley

Wolf Serigraph

$ 60.00

Limited Edition (200) Serigraph
Image measures approximately 14.5" wide by 11" high.

Due to the nature of their social structure, the wolf is a symbol of cooperation and togetherness.  The wolf is also considered the greatest of all hunters, and his spirit is the power that hunters hope to instill in themselves.  Wolves are often perceived as related to killer whales.  Legend tells of a white wolf that transformed himself into a killer whale so that he could hunt in the sea, which explains why killer whales have white markings and hunt in packs like wolves.

David Boxley
David Boxley is a Tsimshian master carver and printmaker from Metlakatla, Alaska. He was raised by his grandparents, who taught him the Tsimshian language, as well as many other Tsimshian traditions. In 1979, while working as a teacher, David began devoting considerable time to the study of traditional Tsimshian carving. Through researching cultural material and carvings from museum collections, Boxley learned the traditional carving methods of his grandfathers’ people. In 1986 David decided to devote all of his time to carving and researching Northwest Coast Indian art. David has since become a nationally recognized Indian artist, holding one-man shows all over the world. He is particularly well respected as a totem pole carver, having carved 46 poles in the last 25 years. Boxley’s work is in collections around the word, including those belonging to the King and Queen of Sweden, the Emperor of Japan, the President of West Germany, and the Mayor of Chongging, China.

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