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Holiday Hours through December 18, 2022:

Wednesdays through Saturdays 10AM to 4PM
Sundays Noon to 5PM

To celebrate our 14th anniversary, we will have a month-long Holiday Open House starting Friday, November 18 and running through Sunday, December 18. We will have special pricing on art, gifts, and holiday goods during this time. Stop by, enjoy some holiday cheer, and check out this year's collection!

Here are a few of the new art highlights:
Sgraffito Porcelain by Tim Christensen: Tim has been creating his striking black and white sgraffito porcelain work for over twenty years and has shown his work all over the world. We are proud to have represented Tim since we first opened our doors, which makes him our longest running artist. His exquisite, graphic surface imagery reflects his intimate familiarity with and love for the natural world.

Mixed Media Paintings by Seth Fitts: Seth's mixed media paintings have a playful animistic energy in which all objects, places, and creatures possess a spiritual essence. His sometimes mysterious imagery reminds us of the intrinsic connection between all living creatures and the landscapes they inhabit.

Wood Engravings by Nicholas Wilson: For fifty years, Arizona artist Nicholas Wilson has shown his work all over the world. As impressed as we are by his career and the technical mastery reflected in his amazingly detailed wood engravings, it's the soulful sensitivity he brings to his animal portraits that we love most.

Foraged Wood Boxes and Boards by Bob Masterson: Bob, a Hamilton, Massachusetts resident, works with locally foraged wood that he gathers himself from the forest floor. His specialty is working with spalted wood that has gone through a stage in the decomposition process, resulting in beautiful patterns, colors, and textures.

Sandra Simonson's Wrapped Stones: Sandra also forages material for her work. She collects stones from the Northwest coast and wraps them in fibers using techniques inspired by Japanese wrapping and knotting, Maori lashing, and other traditions. Her lovely stones have the feel of sacred meditative objects.

In addition to the art mentioned above, we have carvings by Delbert Charging Crow, Salvador Romero, and other Native and First Nations artists, archival prints by Kristiana Parn, Diana Sudyka, and Sarah Becktel, candle holders by Tabbatha Henry, wind bells by Richard Fisher, Sami bracelets by Erika Honig, waxed canvas totes by Lisa DeMio, lighting by Janna Ugone, plus wintry accessories, books, gifts, and seasonal holiday goods.


Welcome to True North and thank you for visiting our online gallery! Our physical gallery, which we opened in November of 2008, is located in Hamilton, Massachusetts. We hope you will visit if you are in the area (click here for directions and hours), but until then, we have put together an online collection for you.

About True North
We began as a gallery focused on indigenous art from the circumpolar north, and slowly expanded our collection to include art, fine craft, and gifts inspired by nature.

Our Mission
We strive to present art that re-enchants the world and fosters a sense of connection with nature—art that tells stories about the forest contained within a seed, the sheltering embrace of a nest, the owl that descends into the dusky edges of your dreams, and more.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you wish to receive notification of upcoming exhibits and new work, please join our mailing list. The sign-up form is at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your interest!





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