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From November 1 until December 19, our regular hours will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 11AM to 4PM. Looking forward to seeing you!

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, True North has re-opened for the 2021 Winter Holidays!

We have work from many of our regular artists, as well as lots of new holiday gifts from near and far. We have Tabbatha Henry's beautiful porcelain candle holders, Erika Honig's Sami bracelets, Richard Fisher's hand-forged bells, Rough and Tumble's gorgeous bags, Thymes Frasier Fir candles, indigenous art from the Arctic, Northwest and Southwest, jewelry, mittens, scarves, holiday ornaments, and more. 

We are also introducing a new category of gifts—tools for creativity. After years of inspiring our customers with the creativity of our artists and crafts people, we have decided to offer a small selection of quality artist materials with which you might give the gift of inspiration, or find your own inspiration to create! To support the start of this new direction, we are also carrying Lisa Congdon's wonderful book, Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic.

And at long last, we finally have The Lost Words by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane, as well as the companion book, The Lost Spells. We have represented Jackie's art for over a decade and these two books showcase her artistry and spirit in ways that will inspire every nature lover. 

These books were inspired by the startling discovery that a new edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary had dropped about forty common words concerning nature. Apparently these were no longer being used enough by children to merit their place in the dictionary. The list of “lost words” includes acorn, adder, bluebell, dandelion, fern, heron, kingfisher, newt, otter, and willow. Among the words taking their place are blog, broadband, bullet-point, cut-and-paste, and voice-mail. The news of these substitutions―the outdoor and natural being displaced by the indoor and virtual―is seen by many as a powerful sign of the growing gulf between childhood and the natural world.
In response, Macfarlane and Morris created books that conjure back these lost words, and the beings they name, from acorn to wren. Through the magic of word and paint, they summon these words again into the voices, stories, and dreams of children and adults alike. Macfarlane’s spell-poems and Morris’s watercolor illustrations are musical and magical: they are spells, words of recollection, charms of protection. To read these books is to see anew the natural world that is still within our grasp, and to be reminded of what happens when we allow it to slip away.


Welcome to True North and thank you for visiting our online gallery! Our physical gallery, which we opened in November of 2008, is located in Hamilton, Massachusetts. We hope you will visit if you are in the area (click here for directions and hours), but until then, we have put together an online collection for you.

About True North
We began as a gallery focused on indigenous art from the circumpolar north, and slowly expanded our collection to include art, gifts, and décor inspired by the north, nature, and native traditions.

Our Mission
We strive to present art that re-enchants the world and fosters a sense of connection with nature—art that tells stories about the forest contained within a seed, the sheltering embrace of a nest, the owl that descends into the dusky edges of your dreams, and more.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you wish to receive notification of upcoming exhibits and new work, please join our mailing list. The sign-up form is at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your interest!





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