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Walking Polar Bear Carving

$ 395.00

By Yup'ik artist, James Uglwook
Carved from seasoned walrus ivory and inlaid whale baleen.
Measures approximately 4" long by 1.5" high by 1.25" wide 

About the Artist
James Uglwook is a well-known Yup'ik artist living in Gambell, Alaska. James is known for his detailed and charismatic carvings of polar bears. His distinctive bears are easily recognized by their detailed fur, large paws, conspicuous ears, and personality. He usually carves polar bears in sitting, walking, or sliding poses. James works with walrus tusk ivory, and uses whale baleen for details such as eyes and nose.

A Note About the Ivory
The Yup'ik cavings sold at True North are made of seasoned walrus ivory or fossilized ivory. Sometimes inlaid whale baleen is used for details. The Pacific walrus is not endangered or threatened. Nonetheless, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service oversees and manages the limited hunting of walrus by indigenous peoples, who use every part of the walrus. They eat the meat, use the skin for floats, and carve the tusks and bones.

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